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Integrated E-learning Platform

Separate public page for every teacher

Every teacher has a separate public page containing all of his materials and exams and a link for his page that can be easily shared

Sharing materials

Teachers can easily upload any materials they want to share with their students. They can control who can access it.

Social media features

Students can follow the teacher and they are automatically notified whenever their teacher publishs a document or creates an exam.And a separate link for every document or exam for ease of sharing

The best online exams website

Seven question types

Create Multiple choice questions to save the marking time , or essay questions with manual marking feature, or the paragrah(comprehension) question.

Ten exam options

Choose all options you need to make an official exam. Or make a practice exams for your students

No initial fees

No initial or contracting fees. Just a free package or a premium package with monthly subscription that can be stopped any time

Easy to use

Clear and easy three steps for making any exam: Exam options, Creating questions, Check the results report.

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