Free Package Features

Is it Useful for me?

No more effort or time is spent on marking students' answers.
Your students will be instantly ranked for inclass assessment and rewarding
Instant reports show the number of correct and wrong answers for each question.You can easily know which curriculum points needs action.
Easily know the nubmer of correct and wrong answers for every student.

Does it help me to market my channel or page?

There are special messages that appear before and after the exam. You can add a link or telephone number
you copy the exam link and add it to your page or channel to improve its content
You can show your exam in the public exams page in our website to reach to more students

Is it suitable for my subject?

For teaching languages: you can add audio files to questions
For mathametics: you can easily copy and paste equations or use the text editor
For science teaching: you can easily add images to the questions or to the answer options
you can instanly take camera photos for paper images

Is it enjoyable?

you will have a public profile page showing all of your public exams.
your students can follow you to be notified whenever you publish an exam.
Easily share exam links via three methods

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