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Online Science Exams

Best solution for
Online Science Exams

(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology)

Special editor for creating Mathematical equations , using physics and chemistry symbols, and adding them to all questions types and answer options
Images can be used in all questions types and answer options
Students can answer writing questions by typing with the keyboard or by taking a photo of their handwritings.

Full Control Of Your Online Exam

Start & end time

Specify single start time for all students or specify a time interval or make it open access

Number of trials

Specify the allowed number of trials for each student

Exam duration

Specify a short time for the exam to limit cheating or specify the duration of the formal exams

Show/hide correct answers

Let your students know the correct answers after finishing the exam or after period of time

Randomize questions

limit cheating by randomizing the appearance of questions. Each student will be answering differet question in the same time

Advanced Exam Report

Export to Excel
Export a detailed excel report of each student results
Students strengths and weaknesses
Automatic statistics about the number of correct and wrong answers for each question
Report about every student
Know the rank, number of correct answers, number of wrong answers for each student

Essay questions with manual marking feature

Easily create the question using text-formating, images, or audios.
Give a mark to each student after viewing his answer and leave him a comment if needed.
The students are automatically notified when their answers are marked to view their answer report.
Create essay question with optimal answer.Save marking time be letting each student compare his answer with the optimal answer
Essay Questions Creation